Find out how you can get started at CODEX Partners

Joining CODEX Partners is the starting point for an outstanding career. We are looking for intelligent, highly motivated and open-minded university graduates of all disciplines as well as seasoned professionals who share our passion for entrepreneurial thinking and action as well as tangible results! Be inspired by our corporate spirit and apply for one of our open positions.


Master’s students of all disciplines or students pursuing their bachelor’s degree and who are in their fifth semester (or higher); vacancies from 10/2024


Professionals with at least two years of work experience or exceptional MBA/PhD graduates with initial work experience.

Associate consultant

University graduates of all disciplines with a master’s, MBA or PhD degree, please only apply from March 2024

Project manager

Experts with at least four years of professional experience in a relevant field.

Application process

Set to take the first step? Ready for your career in one of the leading management consultancies for private equity investors? Then we would like to get to know you! Here we give you some tips and information on how to prepare for an interview at CODEX Partners.


The first impression counts!

Would you like to join us? Then we should get to know each other! During the interviews, we pay attention to your professional knowledge but also to your personality. Tell us what excites you, what you are interested in beyond work, and the areas in which you would like to develop and grow. Show us how you can enrich our team with your personality and individuality.

Your application documents

Send us your complete application documents including a covering letter, your CV, your secondary school diploma and university transcripts. If you have already gained some work experience, please also send us your references. We take time for each application, discuss it within our recruiting team and give you feedback as soon as possible.

Our application process

Congratulations – you have been invited to our office in Munich! On your interview day, you will get to know several team members who have different positions. In addition to the interviews, classic case studies are an integral part of the application process at all career levels. At the end of this stimulating day, we will have an internal discussion and then give you feedback in a timely manner. Remember, we are probably just as excited as you are, since we are also essentially applying to work with you.

Tips on how to proceed in a case interview

During the case interview, you take on the role of a consultant. We want to understand how you approach work-based problems and challenges in a business context. Often, there are no specific right or wrong answers in our interviews, and you are not expected to know everything about the business model. Please remember to communicate your approach accurately and transparently so we can follow your thoughts.

CODEX Partners Case Library

We want to help you prepare. We have listed some tips and case studies for your preparation below.


Case #1: Market Sizing

Help the customer RunForFun GmbH to enter the Swiss market for sports shoes.

Case #2: Profitability

Help our customer Fun Cruise Lines become profitable again.

Your interviewer will begin by explaining the client’s situation. Listen carefully and take time to fully grasp the initial situation. Also consider whether you have all the necessary information that you need to solve the case. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – often the available information does not fully describe the situation.

Derive the problem from the initial situation. Hypothesise the cause of the problem and think about possible analyses you wish to undertake in order to answer the key questions.

On your path to pinpoint the solution, first focus on the issues with the biggest impact. Be pragmatic and do not get distracted or bogged down with the details.

With the limited information available, your interviewer will act as a ‘sparring partner’ by asking you questions about your comments, hypotheses and conclusions. They will then take on the role of the client. Demonstrate business judgement through your comments and explain your approach in detail!

The interview is a dialogue between you and your interviewer. Often there are no specific right or wrong answers in our interviews, and you are not expected to know everything. The goal of the interview is to learn about your approach to solving business problems in a structured way. Remember to be precise and transparent in communicating your approach.

At some point, the interviewer will ask you to do some simple calculations. The purpose of this is not to test your computational skills but to see if you have a feeling for numbers and for orders of magnitude. You should be able to form opinions quickly and make fact-based decisions.

Summarise your thoughts and draw conclusions from your analysis.

At the end of the interview, you should summarise the main hypotheses and options that you have developed. Then close the case with your recommended solution to the client’s problem.

The most important point is to be yourself and enjoy the interview. Our cases are not theoretical problems but actual problems from our consulting practice. We really want you to enjoy the interviews. If that is the case, you will probably also enjoy working at CODEX Partners!