Your career at CODEX Partners

Joining CODEX Partners is the starting point for an outstanding career. We are looking for intelligent, highly motivated and open-minded university graduates of all disciplines as well as seasoned professionals who share our passion for entrepreneurial thinking and action as well as tangible results! Be inspired by our corporate spirit and apply for one of our open positions.

What makes CODEX Partners
a great employer?

What sets us apart ...

Is it our unique work–life balance? Is it the excellent collaboration with our clients? Is it our exciting projects in medium-sized companies and private equity at the highest industry standard? Or is it our legendary parties? We think it’s the mixture of everything! It is the cohesion and team spirit that defines us and allows us to successfully master every project, no matter how challenging.

Core values & corporate identity

CODEX Partners focuses on people. We are convinced that our employees can only achieve outstanding performance if there is a balance between work and private life in addition to an exciting task. We offer a working environment in which our employees feel comfortable, enjoy working and get individual support. Furthermore, we are able to ensure that our employees have a private life by sensibly structuring and managing our projects. We assure the satisfaction of our employees through regular upward feedback.

We are proud of #TeamCODEX

The passion to change things and to achieve outstanding results for our clients make our employees so unique. You can feel this energy in every project and in every team. Let yourself be infected by this spirit!

Why CODEX Partners?

CODEX Partners is a unique company with a culture of openness, trust and mutual respect. Everything we do is shaped by our values, philosophy and experience. CODEX Partners comprises its people and its employees. We are a growing team of exciting individuals whose backgrounds and experiences enrich our work and our lives. That’s why the well-being, the advancement and the development of each and every individual is so important for us. We would be very happy to welcome you as a new member of our great team.

Interns and working students

During your studies, you can join us as an intern or working student and gain your first experience in management consulting.

From the first day on, you will be part of one of our project teams working on exciting projects in a wide range of industries. You will perform analyses independently, conduct research, accompany interviews and assist in the preparation of presentations. You will experience the whole range of tasks and topics of a management consultancy for private equity funds and medium-sized companies.

Associate Consultant

After finishing your master’s studies, you will start as an associate consultant at CODEX Partners. You will investigate individual markets in exciting strategy projects, conduct important interviews with experts and structure the information gained. Your contribution is an important part of the solution. During the project, you will work closely with your teammates, other associate consultants and consultants as well as the project manager in charge.

In addition to the project work, all of our employees take on tasks in our internal teams such as recruiting, marketing or product development. You can contribute your own ideas and thoughts to shape the future of CODEX Partners and to initiate changes. Suggestions, ideas and wishes are taken seriously, discussed together and implemented – from associate consultant to partner.

With your very good Bachelor's degree, you can already join CODEX Partners as an analyst.


As a consultant at CODEX Partners, you are responsible for the independent development of sub-projects within larger projects such as the market and competitor analysis of a software company. You work closely with your contacts on the client side.

You manage the associate consultants and analysts of your team and work hand in hand with your project manager.

In addition to your tasks in our internal teams, you will be responsible for conducting your own training sessions and you support the sales activities of our partners.

Project manager

As a project manager at CODEX Partners, you are responsible for the independent conception and successful management of clearly structured projects such as the commercial due diligence of a laser manufacturer.

You plan the tasks of each team member and pre-structure the project result. Together with the partner in charge, you communicate with the project managers on the client side in advance. You are already closely involved in project acquisition. You are also responsible for the product development of individual topics such as agile organisation.


As a director, you independently manage complex projects such as the reorganisation of a pan-European plastics processor. Together with the partners, you acquire consulting projects and are involved in the further development of CODEX Partners.

If you are a director on the way to becoming a partner, then sales, development and client support will be increasingly crucial elements in your position. In addition, you will train our project managers and lead internal working groups.


As a partner, you are part of the management of CODEX Partners and are thus jointly responsible for the development of our firm. In addition to the strategic orientation of CODEX Partners, an essential core of your activity is the acquisition of new clients and projects, which you will later lead in terms of content together with the project managers and managers. You drive the growth of CODEX Partners and create the structures (on the employee, office and system side) in order to enable and pushgrowth.

You are the main contact person for our clients. As a thought leader and innovator, you anticipate important developments for our clients and our company and translate them into future-oriented consulting products. As a partner, you are responsible for our corporate climate and culture and achieve the best project results by highly respecting all our employees.

What our employees say

Lukas Lemkau

Associate Consultant

What do you particularly appreciate about your job as a management consultant at CODEX Partners?
As an Associate Consultant at CODEX Partners, you are a full member of the project team from day one and get to know different industries and clients. This way, you quickly get an overview of the specifics and challenges of companies and always learn something new. In addition, you have the opportunity to balance project work in internal teams (e.g. Marketing, Data Analytics, Events or IT) and actively develop CODEX Partners.

How were the first four weeks at CODEX Partners?
On the first day, a colleague explained to me how projects at CODEX Partners work and which tools are used. I also had the opportunity to get to know the team, with whom I also had an appointment for lunch. After 2-3 days I was already a permanent part of a team and worked on my first vendor due diligence.

How do you like our company events?
The company events are great! There is an event about once a month - the events are always super organized and very diverse. From theme nights, to visits to cultural institutions, to sporting events, there is something for everyone.

Dr. Iryna Kurylyshyn

Project Manager

How does CODEX Partners support you in your individual development?
When I started at CODEX, my colleagues really helped me improve my German skills. In addition, CODEX enabled me to attend language courses at the Goethe Institute. CODEX also organises several internal and external training courses every year on various topics. And we have an internal fitness programme to keep us all fit! 😊.

What has been your most exciting project so far?
I’ve really had a lot of interesting projects ... but if I have to name one, I would choose the growth strategy project for an IT service provider. It was an extensive and fundamental task where we worked very closely with the client.

What is the team cohesion like?
You work with talented and fascinating people every day, both at CODEX and on the client side.

What do you do beyond your work at CODEX?
I enjoy spending time with family and friends, dancing and travelling (i.e. in non-pandemic times!).

Dr. Markus Hoffmann

Director, Member of the Executive Board

What do you particularly appreciate about your job as a management consultant at CODEX Partners?
The opportunity to work on many different topics, to expand my skill set and to further develop existing knowledge. In the different business areas at CODEX, it is always necessary to quickly adapt to new industries, clients and topics – I really enjoy that.

What is the team spirit like?
The team spirit is great. I enjoy working with all my colleagues. You are immediately integrated into the team, and there is always someone to support you if you have questions or problems. Company and social events help strengthen this sense of cohesion.

How were your first four weeks at CODEX Partners?
It was an exciting time! Many new colleagues and tasks, some of which I had little experience in. But the onboarding process was very well prepared – and after four weeks, I was already in the thick of things.

Your benefits

Internal training programme

For personal development, we offer our employees a comprehensive training programme with both internal and external coaches. This includes training on areas as diverse as management tools, project leadership skills, presentation/rhetoric skills and finance/valuation. In addition, our teams regularly present their project results in case studies. It goes without saying that your start at CODEX Partners is always accompanied by intensive introductory training.

MBA programme

We take responsibility for the long-term development of our employees. Therefore, we offer CODEX employees the opportunity to complete an MBA after two years. As an alternative to the MBA, our employees can also take a sabbatical or educational leave. For instance, several CODEX team members have completed training as a coach or completed language stays on a ranch in Canada.

Fitness First – health promotion

The health of our employees is particularly important to us, and one of our core values is taking full responsibility for our team. That’s why we offer every CODEX employee a free subscription to Fitness First in addition to fresh fruit and mindful interaction with each other. Furthermore, we regularly hold a health week with training sessions and lectures – for example, on healthy nutrition and personal health.


Our team has diverse educational and professional backgrounds, which is something we highly value. After all, different ways of seeing and thinking enrich our work and our lives. During the first days and weeks, we guide each new team member individually and offer them tailored support alongside comprehensive introductory training. This ensures that all new employees have the same level of knowledge within a short period of time.


Every new employee is assigned to a mentor. In addition to the team leader, this mentor is the primary contact person during your first few weeks. Your mentor draws up a personal development plan together with you; this plan not only focuses on developing your personal skills but also establishes precise professional goals.

Learning on the job

At CODEX Partners, you learn best on the job and in everyday project work. Working as part of a small team and with experienced colleagues allows you to learn and advance with every single project. The partners, your project managers and all team members will support you at every step along the way.

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Meet CODEX Partners

Want to get to know us? We want to meet you, too! Then please don’t hesitate to send us your application – alternatively, you can meet us in person at a recruiting event at your university so you can get your own impression of CODEX.

We are looking forward to being on site at HSG Talents in Hall 9.1 of the Olma fairs on March 6, 2024 from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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We are looking forward to being on site at the LMU's FGK fair in the atrium of the main building on May 6th, 2024.

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