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Today’s world is increasingly digitised – and, with it, the economy.

All sectors are facing important changes as a result of digitisation – from mechanical engineering to the media industry: new business models, manufacturing processes and products are being created; innovation cycles are becoming shorter; consumer behaviour is changing and the intensity of competition is increasing. The digitisation and automation of business processes and services (for example, in the insurance industry) creates new structures and thus also offers tremendous opportunities.

Industry 4.0 – namely, the digital networking of customers, suppliers, employees and production systems – will also lead to upheavals in the value-added process in the coming decades. Medium-sized companies should therefore start to face this development today.

The IT sector in the German-speaking region has a broad base and employs more than one million people in Germany alone. There are several market leaders in the IT sector – such as SAP, Infineon and Software AG – not only in Silicon Valley but also in the German-speaking region and the rest of Europe. Recently, numerous small-sized world market leaders have also developed companies within IT sub-sectors such as Acrolinx (enterprise content creation via AI), ControlExpert (digitisation of business processes in car insurance), IHSE (keyboard video mouse technology) and Syslink (performance-monitoring software for SAP).

Over the last few years, CODEX Partners has carried out numerous projects in relevant IT segments, ranging from hardware (industrial PCs, KVM products, digital POS systems, etc.) and software (dental CAD software, workflow solutions for hospitals, SaaS for alerting and crisis management, SAP monitoring, content optimisation software, etc.) to IT services (software-based BPO for vehicle insurance, IT infrastructure maintenance, etc.).

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