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Extruded plastic sheet manufacturer

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Initial situation

  • The company is a leading manufacturer of extruded plastic sheets with 8 production sites in Europe.
  • The company supplies plastic sheets for a wide range of applications, in a variety of surface qualities and colors to an international customer base.
  • The various sites, including those in Germany, England, France and Italy, are highly independent and have their own individual corporate cultures. The comparatively heterogeneous organizational structure is partly due to historical factors and acquisitions.
  • The company is only weakly profitable. The EBITDA margin is well below the industry average. Profitability is also very heterogeneous within the Group.


  • Exploiting potential in the plastic sheet business by developing attractive fields of application with a specially developed segment growth strategy
  • Restructuring of the organizational structure of Group management and the sales organization to promote internal cooperation and increase profitability

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Development of a growth strategy

  • Analysis of market potential, trends and success factors for the application fields Construction Vehicles, Trucks & Vans, E-Mobility, Railway, Aerospace, Marine & Offshore and Medical
  • Selection of the most attractive segments in terms of market size, access, profitability and own expertise
  • Development of segment-specific business plans based on an end-customer focused sales approach for the selected application fields
  • Creation of a database with potential end customers and corresponding contacts for the respective application fields (integration in CRM system)

Development of a new Group organization

  • Implementation of competence centers with Group-wide responsibility for strategic application areas to complement the existing regional structure (hybrid structure)
  • Better and closer cooperation between the various sites, as well as identification of success factors and transfer of best practices to other sites


  • Application field-specific growth strategy based on end-customer-oriented sales approach. Gross margin increase of more than 10%
  • Incorporation of more than 500 new and verified potential end customer contacts in the CRM system
  • Introduction of a hybrid organizational structure. The existing, purely regionally focused organization is now supplemented by Group-wide responsibility for selected strategic focus segments (e.g. Aerospace or E-Mobility). This will strengthen cooperation within the Group and leverage potential in operations and sales.