Strategy development is the supreme discipline for any investor, entrepreneur and managing director. But the key questions are always the same: how and in which business areas can I grow? How does digitisation influence my business? How can restructuring help to successfully manage crises?

Growth strategy

The key questions are always the same: how can I grow sustainably and profitably and safeguard the future of my business at the same time? The answer is often complex and ambiguous. There are numerous options which cannot be pursued simultaneously or are even mutually exclusive.

We assist companies in analysing markets, competitors and customers (numbers, data, facts). Together with the client’s management as well as project teams, we identify new markets and develop new product ideas. We work out strategic options jointly and evaluate them with you in terms of expected returns and the probability of implementation. Finally, we design the strategy process so that the client’s management can implement the new process in addition to running normal daily business.

Indeed, implementation is the key to a given strategy. Many strategic projects only result in a long presentation at the end, but this is not our approach. We always keep feasibility in mind when drafting the strategy. Each strategic development leads to a business and implementation plan – and we can also drive the implementation actively forward, should this be requested.

Use Case

PSE Group


Digitisation has been part of our lives for decades and is becoming increasingly more important due to the rise of more powerful IT systems. It is not only transforming virtually every industry but also has a great impact on the private sphere.

The digital transformation is therefore changing not only the business models of many companies, but also their strategy, their structure and their very corporate culture.

Aspects such as customers, values and monetisation all remain important. However, particularly medium-sized companies are often not yet aware of the great impact that digitisation has on their own businesses.

We focus on the strategic aspect of digital transformation: how are markets changing, are there suitable new digital services our client can offer and how can these successfully change their business model?

Since our foundation in 2000, we have carried out numerous digitisation projects. Our IT professionals advise our clients on areas such as software architecture, system selection and implementation management.

During implementation, we work together with a comprehensive network of IT specialists and experts.


The management of crises is particularly challenging. They often occur suddenly and unexpectedly, as in the case of the Covid-19 pandemic or as a result of the global financial crisis.

The key task is to identify and implement restructuring measures rapidly and to pursue safeguarding the financial equilibrium.

We believe that restructuring must be strategically managed in order to keep the company competitive.

We work closely together with shareholders, directors as well as involved lenders during crisis management.
Our development of measures is based on a strategic concept for the company, ensuring that it remains competitive and can grow after the crisis.

We have created a proven set of tools for rapid action development and implementation reporting, which we successfully use in restructuring projects today.

Our restructuring team consists of professionals with different functional experience in strategy, sales, organisation or process optimisation and financing. During the implementation phase, we work together closely with managers who have restructuring experience in the respective field.