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Germany, Austria and Switzerland are perceived by the general public as industrialised countries in which technical excellence is produced and marketed worldwide. Top brands from these countries are often industrially manufactured goods. But it is less well known that the service sector in Germany is about three times as large as the industrial sector. In the German-speaking region, a high degree of performance is also achieved in the service sector. Over the last 40 years, the service sector has been the main engine of growth in this region. The sector is very diverse and includes training/education, consulting, logistics, healthcare, media, energy services, waste management and financial as well as HR services.

Although services are seen as an anchor for stability and growth, many sectors are undergoing major changes – driven, in particular, by information technology, market openings, deregulation and offshoring. In the service sector, CODEX Partners has extensive experience specialising in media (e.g. publishing, internet portals, online specialised media), industrial services (e.g. logistics, material testing, repair, maintenance, temporary work), construction services (e.g. electrical installation, heating, air conditioning) and the education sector.

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