M&A support

Dealmaking has developed into a highly professional business. M&A advisers, strategy consultants, lawyers, auditors and financing experts work together closely with their clients during the M&A process. We have specialised on the buy-side position of the M&A business: on behalf of our clients, we look for interesting companies in which they can invest.

Together with our clients, we provide sector analyses in which buy-and-build strategies can create added value for investors. Typically, these are fragmented markets in which many successful companies are active. In doing so, we draw on our extensive industry experience from over 500 projects.

Based on the target industries, we create both long and short lists of attractive companies and profile selected targets in detail.

We always approach the owners and management of the targeted companies individually and with in-depth preparation. This professional approach leads to a high success rate.

Finally, we provide intensive support throughout the entire transaction process, ensuring that confidence between sellers and buyers is established and that negotiations are conducted as smoothly as possible and always according to facts.