Strategy development is the „supreme discipline“ for any entrepreneur and any managing director. The key question is always the same : How can I grow sustainably and profitably and safeguard the future of my  business at the same time? The answer to this question is often complex and ambiguous. There is a lack of transparency on markets and competitors. The company's core competences are not clearly defined and self-assessment of strengths and weaknesses is not easy. Often it is not known how the customers think about the company. And there are always a great number of options, which can not be pursued simultaneously or exclude each other .

The development of a strategy requires time, concentration and skills. These are not always available (sufficiently) in companies.

What is our contribution? We assist companies in analyzing markets, competitors and customers (numbers, data, facts). We identify together with client management and with project teams new markets and develop new product ideas. We jointly work out strategic options and evaluate them with you in regard to the expected return and probability of implementation. Finally, we design the strategy process so that the management can deal with the new procress in addition to the normal daily business.

But the key to a strategy is:  implementation.  Many strategy projects only result in a long presentation at the end. That's not our approach. We keep feasibility in mind when drafting the strategy. Each strategy development leads to a business and implementation plan and we drive the implementation actively forward if you wish.