Which customers are attractive and accessible to me? How can I address them? Through which channels can I reach them best, how can I open up these channels? Which form of marketing do I choose, do I need my own sales force or sales representatives? And how do I lead and control my sales force? These questions may sound simple at first and there are simple in some cases. Sales is the " professionalization of commonplace things," said a long-standing Würth director. But to design the right sales concept is by no means easy. To implement this concept on a daily basis is even harder. And within the sales function success mainly depends on the quality and motivation of employees.

Parallel to sales development, marketing must be designed. Here it's all about the „4Ps“ : product, place (channel), promotion (advertising), price.

We help companies to optimize their sales approach and organization and to design their marketing, and that we do frequently! We develop programs to increase sales, we restructure external and internal sales and service organizations. We develope alternative distribution channels, new pricing and marketing programs. We coach sales teams with experienced sales trainers. And we make sure that marketing budgets are used efficiently.