Private equity has become a mature industry. The number of investment companies and the capital of private equity funds has risen sharply over the past 20 years. In addition to private equity funds, family offices, private investors and international investment companies are also entering the German-speaking market.

Good" acquisition targets are still rare. They are increasingly being marketed professionally, even in the small and mid-market segment. Purchase prices have risen sharply. Competition for these acquisition targets has increased. Investors must familiarize themselves with new investment projects at a very early stage and invest time and money in them.

In view of the high purchase prices, approaches that rely only on the use of debt and tax optimization are not enough. They have to be supplemented by convincing growth and acquisition strategies (buy&build) so that the invested capital generates sufficient return in the end. This is one of the reasons why operational partners, investment managers and external consultants are increasingly being used in the ongoing support of portfolio companies with the aim of increasing the value of the portfolio companies and being available to the management of the portfolio companies as advisors.

CODEX Partners offers comprehensive consulting services for investors: search for new investments ("platform building") to find new investments for investors, commercial and operational due diligence, growth strategies for portfolio companies and the implementation of operational improvement measures. All in all, CODEX Partners draws on experience from more than 450 projects.