Having completed many organization projects, the following organizational principles have emerged as valid  (even though we have not "invented" them ourselves):

  1. Structure follows Strategy: an organization must be aligned to business strategy.
  2. Total customer focus: not only align  processes and structures to customers but also the awareness of all employees.
  3. Design an organization by processes and tasks first. In a second step, organize by (available) people skills
  4. Decentralize authority and decision making as far as possible down to the lowest level in order to achieve speed and proximity to the market and to promote the skills of the employees.
  5. Allocate  responsibility for clearly defined and well-strcutured processes as much as possible to  single organizational units.
  6. Keep it simple: avoid complexity, bureaucracy and interfaces.
  7. Focus on value creation: Limit  staff functions and administrative departments to an essential minimum

In this context, we support our clients in realignment and optimization of structures and processes, introduction of systems for transparency and efficiency, operational change and restructuring, allocation of responsibilities, communication and change management.