In Germany, Austria and Switzerland the industrial sector is a beacon of the economy. Often characterized by medium-sized and family businesses, many world markt leaders established themselves throughout recent decades, very often „hidden champions“, in small but often highly profitable niches.

Entrepreneurs in the industry are facing numerous challenges:

  • Increasing importance of export business in emerging markets, often associated with the need for localized products and local production
  • Intense competition from Asia, especially from China as the coming „industrial world power“
  • High pressure for innovation for sustaining the home market position as well as in international sales
  • Increasing dependence on commodity markets requires increasing energy and resource efficiency of production and of products
  • Need of strengthening and differentiation of the service portfolio
  • Stronger economic fluctuations and shorter market cycles require a „weatherproof“ enterprise and cost structure

Especially the large medium-sized supplier segment, particularly in the automotive sector, must achieve top performance strategically and operationally. The market power of  OEMs and large Tier 1 suppliers as well as the relocation of production to Eastern Europe and Asia will further intensify competition for medium-sized suppliers in Europe.

CODEX Partners has carried out numerous projects in the industry in the past, including  the automotive sector (spare parts, motorcycle accessories, metal stamping, ignition systems, etc. ),  the building material sector (sewer repair, roofing, asbestos removal, water pipes, etc.) and machine and plant construction (filling machines, explosion protection, filter technology, raw material handling, pumps and valves, etc.). We know the requirements for medium-sized industrial enterprises and support you in all strategic and operational issues .