The industrial sector is a beacon of the economy in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Strongly influenced by SMEs and family businesses, many world market leaders have established themselves in recent decades, often in small but sometimes highly profitable niches.

Industrial entrepreneurs will have to cope with profound changes in technology, market and competitive conditions in the coming years.

  • Automobile manufacturers and their suppliers are increasingly switching to electric drives or other low-emission technologies.
  • Exports to emerging markets are increasing and are often associated with new, adapted products and production in these countries.
  • Competition from Asia, in particular from China as an "industrial world power", is increasing.
  • In order to defend its own market position, European companies must constantly innovate.
  • Emission regulations and rising raw material costs require higher energy and resource efficiency in production and products.
  • After-sales services are becoming more important to retain customers and generate more sustainable returns.
  • Opportunities from "Industry 4.0" (e. g. through automation, machine vision, remote maintenance, etc.) must be exploited.
  • Stronger economic fluctuations and shorter market cycles require a flexible corporate and cost structure.

Especially the strongly medium-sized supplier segment in the automotive sector has to achieve top strategic and operational performance. The market power of OEMs and major Tier 1 suppliers, as well as the relocation of production to Eastern Europe and Asia, will further intensify competition for medium-sized suppliers in Europe.

In the past, CODEX Partners has carried out a large number of projects in the industrial sector, e. g. in the automotive sector (components for powertrain, turbocharger, thermal insulation, motorcycle accessories, ignition systems, battery technology, after market etc.), in the construction supply sector (roller shutters, windows, floor coverings, roofing, plumbing, heating, HVAC, lighting etc.), in mechanical and plant engineering (filling machines, raw material handling, machine tools, 3D printing, environmental technology etc.), in industrial products (filters, pumps and valves, transformers, fans etc.), in measurement and control technology (e. g. sensors, measuring devices, non-destructive material testing) and in the electrical and electronics industry (e. g. electrical installation, explosion protection, smart meters). We know the requirements of medium-sized industrial companies and support them in all strategic and operational issues.