The per capita consumption of health services in the western world continues to rise. The pressure on public sector payers is increasing. As a consequence, the health care system will be more and more privately funded in the future. All those involved in the healthcare market are therefore more exposed to market dynamics. In particular, medical practitioners and hospitals must act more like entrepreneurs than ever before and also continuously improve their medical services. Manufacturers of medical technology and consumer goods are therefore required to support the "practitioners" with innovative products and services in their treatment processes and to contribute to the commercial success of their customers.

Medical technology is increasingly being digitalized. This enables the creation or improvement of new diagnostic methods and therapies. Users are investing more in devices and software solutions to be able to advance medically and also to become more productive. Manufacturers have to adjust the focus of sales, marketing, development and production on increasingly digital devices and solutions. The medical trade also has to change: digital products require specialization and special knowledge in sales and service. In addition, e-commerce is also becoming increasingly important in the traditional healthcare sector.

The value creation chain in medical technology is becoming globalized. Asia, and China in particular, are important sales markets for European and US providers of medical technology, as well as production and development sites. This also applies to medium-sized companies.

Healthcare is one of the key sectors of CODEX Partners. Since our foundation, we have been working for medical device and component manufacturers (e. g. X-ray equipment, lasers, dental CAD/CAM,), for dealers, mail-order and online retailers, for dentists (dentists/MKGs, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, radiologists, internists, surgeons, orthopedists, etc.) and service providers (medical centers, MVZs, hospital logistics companies, etc.) as well as software providers (hospital and medical software). We know the healthcare markets in the European core markets, the USA and Asia from a large variety of projects as well as the specific regulation and certification requirements of each market. Overall, CODEX Partners has carried out more than 100 strategy development, growth and optimization projects in this sector as well as mergers and acquisitions.