Associate Consultant

You are working from day one as a full team member on client projects.

  • Work on individual project tasks
  • Conduct research and interviews
  • Market and data analysis
  • Preparation of presentations


You assume the responsibility for sub-projects and work closely together with the client.

  • Responsibility for sub-projects
  • Structuring of sub-projects
  • Preparation of presentations
  • Prepare and participate in workshops at the customer
  • Collaboration with client teams

Project Manager

You are the center of the project team and coordinate independently all processes up to the client contact.

  • Management of sub-projects and smaller projects
  • Planning and structuring of projects
  • Concept Development
  • Client responsibility at working level
  • Management of employees in the CODEX team


You assume more and more responsibility in acquiring new business and lead large projects on your own.

  • Leading larger projects
  • Assistance in acquiring new business opportunities
  • Independent responsibility for the entire solution process
  • Team Accountability
  • Coordination of the overall presentation